Drunk teen chicks let go of their inhibitions

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Two sexy babes decide to stay in their room and give this party a miss. Instead, they decided to have a good time themselves with whatever beer was in the fridge. Feeling frisky and horny like any girls their age, when alcohol was throw in the mix, these drunk teen babes got a bit wilder. With alcohol in one hand, blonde drunk teen pulled her skirt down and started touching herself. It is only when a camera was right in front of their faces that these drunk chicks were a bit embarrassed of their behavior, but still continued on with drunk teen antics.

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Home alone drunk teen chick enjoys herself

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She was out of town for couple of weeks and didn’t receive the invitation to go to a party, but that didn’t stop this drunk teen to have a bit of fun in her own room, or more specifically in her own toilet. Grabbing a can of beer, she had to pee but took her beer with her.

It is not a behavior expected of young stylish ladies but it is a regular occurrence amongst drunk teens. In a mood to have a good time, she decided to get drunk herself and perhaps later join her drunk teen friends. It’s simply what horny drunk chicks do.

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Drunk teen chicks make the most of being far away from home

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Couple of drunk chicks away from their homeland on an exchange student program decided to make the best of the opportunities presented to them. Old enough to get into a bar in their new country, drunk teen babes were soon on top of the bar, semi naked with all their clothes off, and only staying in their undies. As they cheered on with only bottles of soft drink in their hands, a legion of fans already formed around these drunk chicks ready to take photos of them. They couldn’t believe their luck that two white drunk teen babes can get up to this much no good and still look hot.

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Naughty drunk teen chicks stripping off

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Two hot drunk teen babes were feeling up for something naughty so they invited one of their friends to come to their room and help them make a hot and sexy photo gallery. Seeing that you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to take photos of drunk chicks he went there right away and started clicking. They flash and take off their clothes like all drunk teen girls do but the action gets even hotter as these hot drunk chicks take off all they have and start asking for some men to give them what they need the most – hard cocks plunged in their slits.

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Drunk teen chicks need more cocks

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If you know what drunk chicks are like on parties when they get all aching for some cocks then you are going to love this one. This drunk teen babe was so wasted that she had to be carried to a bedroom by two guys and when they were ready to throw her in the bed, she started rubbing their cocks through their pants, making them ready for some hardcore action that she had in mind. You can’t really resist those drunk chicks so they took off her clothes and gave her a banging that this hot drunk teen slut wanted and deserved.

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